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(CHE)Council on Higher Education and Higher Education Quality Committee


(Umalusi)Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training





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Facilitation, Assessment and Moderation Services

Facilitation Service:


Our main function when facilitating is:


Our facilitators are experienced and successful and have extensive experience in facilitation skills.  We are focused on assisitng your students / learners to achieve the competencies  as listed in your outcomes contained within your learning material.


Our subject matter expertise lies within the ETDP SETA and SASSETA industry, as well as soft skills within the Services SETA industry.




Assessment Service:


If you need assistance with assessing unit standards in the workplace and / or after training we can help you organise your assessors.


We specialise in providing assessment support services within the ETDP SETA and SASSETA industry, that will help manage your workload, compliance requirements and provide specialist subject experts to assess and support your assessors.


All of our assessment services are focused on developing assessor practice and continual development of the organisation’s assessment and moderation systems.




Moderation Service:


Our independent moderation services within the ETDP SETA and SASSETA industry, are designed to provide professional development opportunities for your assessors as well as offering help with moderations,  supporting workloads and meeting your compliance requirements.  


We can work with you to manage assessment at your organisation starting with your assessment and moderation plans and support your ETD Practitioners with submitting your external moderation plans to all the standard setting bodies that are responsible for the standards within your scope of accreditation.


Moderation is part of the assessment system and can be organised  so that the moderation activities do not become a drain to your resources, rather an effective  process to identify good practice and provide professional development opportunities for any ETD Practitioner who may need additional coaching and / or development to achieve the requirements as set out by all relevant stakeholders.